THE BIG SHORT Wins Big with the PGA


Saturday night, the Producers Guild of America announced their winner for Best Film of 2015, and the big winner was The Big Short. In a race that has been wide open all season, this award, as well as the race Best Picture at the Academy Awards, seemed to be between three films:  The Big Short, Spotlight and The Revenant. With The Big Short winning this past weekend, it has inched closer into that open frontrunner position. Historically, the winner of the PGA goes on to win Best Picture. Looking at the last ten years, it goes like this:

  • 2015  —  Birdman
  • 2014  —  tie  12 Years a Slave Gravity  (12 Years a Slave won Oscar)
  • 2013  —  Argo
  • 2012  —  The Artist 
  • 2011  —  The King’s Speech
  • 2010  —  The Hurt Locker
  • 2009  —  Slumdog Millionaire
  • 2008  —  No Country for Old Men
  • 2007  —  Little Miss Sunshine  (The Departed won Oscar)
  • 2006  —  Brokeback Mountain  (Crash won Oscar)

In the previous ten years, only twice have the Oscars and PGA not matched up. It is definitely looking pretty good for the The Big Short, but as crazy as this year has been, you never know what could happen. If The Big Short wins Best Ensemble at the SAG Awards, it is pretty much over, and Spotlight and The Revenant are on the outs. I mean, the fact The Big Short has the big, famous stars and deals with a current event of financial crisis, but plays out in a humorous way, is not hurting it at all. Brad Pitt’s star and prodcuing power is a big deal as well. They love awarding him and the fact he picks quality projects that usually appeal to all is a good thing as well.

Well, it looks like we have a new frontrunner, but if Spotlight wins the SAG, the drama will be exciting and will lead up to a very tense, wonderful, wild Oscar night. Enjoy.

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