January Titles from the Criterion Collection

With excitement abound with Criterion and TCM’s Filmstruck launch right around the corner, we get another month of releases from the boutique film label, and the biggest coming next January is His Girl Friday (1940), from the legendary Howard Hawks. The screwball comedy classic, with some of the fastest and wittiest dialogue in the history of cinema, is a great way to start 2017 off with, and it never hurts to add more Cary Grant in the collection. His Girl Friday will be released on Blu-ray and DVD editions on January 10th.

Criterion is also releasing one of the most important and iconic films from African cinema with Ousmane Sembène’s Black Girl (1966). I have yet to see this film, but the trailer and an introduction into 60s African cinema has me beyond intrigued. That cover is absolutely gorgeous as well. Black Girl will be releases on Blu-ray and DVD editions on January 24th.

Then we get a film I have never even heard of and one that is supposedly a classic of early American independent cinema. Jack Garfein’s Something Wild (1961) is a mystery to me and the trailer has me sold. Those shots of New York City have me sold as well, and an opening title sequence from Saul Bass is extremely enticing. Something Wild will be released on Blu-ray and DVD editions on January 17th.

The last film comes from the German New Wave pioneer Rainer Werner Fassbender. Fox and His Friends (1975) is yet another title I have yet to see and if it is coming from Fassbender, it is an automatic purchase. The best thing about Criterion is when you get these little surprises like this and Something Wild to check out. Fox and His Friends will be released on Blu-ray and DVD editions on January 17th.

Another great month from Criterion and below are the December releases which I failed to post last month. Enjoy!

  • Heart of a Dog (2015)  d. Laurie Anderson
  • The Exterminating Angel (1962)  d. Luis Buñuel
  • Roma (1972)  d. Federico Fellini
  • The Asphalt Jungle (1950)  d. John Huston

Photo credits by Criterion Collection.

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