Oscar Nominations Reaction

Well, being to engrossed in all of the terrible things going on in DC, I need to get away from the news and the resistance for a bit and give a little attention to the recent Academy Awards nominations. This was one of the first Academy Awards where I picked the majority of the main categories accurately. I was 100% on all nine Best Picture nominees, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography and both of the writing categories. Not too bad. I missed Michael Shannon in the Best Supporting Actor category, I had Hugh Grant, and I had Martin Scorsese (who should have been nominated along with his powerful film, which only received one nomination) for Best Director over Mel Gibson. The only category where I was fairly off was Best Actress and what a year it was for actresses. You could have easily had ten nominees this year it was so great. I was surprised that Amy Adams and Annette Bening were left out, but equally happy that Isabelle Huppert and Ruth Negga got nominated. Bening still deserves a damn win!

La La Land received the most nominations with 14, tying only Titanic and All About Eve for most all-time at the Oscars. The film is going to clean up. The only category it may not win in  Best Original Screenplay, which I think will go to Moonlight. Speaking of that film, Moonlight is the only film that has a strong chance of upsetting La La Land, but it would need the PGA and SAG to have a solid chance. Chazelle should get Best Director and will win the DGA. Manchester by the Sea is strong as well, but not receiving a Best Editing nomination hurts it chances.

In the acting races, the only surefire bet is Viola Davis for Best Supporting Actress. It would be a monumental upset if she were not to win. Best Actress will be between Stone and Portman, and Stone should have it, especially if she wins the SAG. It would be pretty amazing if Huppert won though. Best Actor is probably going to go to Affleck, but watch out for Denzel. It thing Best Supporting Actor will most likely be determined after the SAG awards and it is the category with maybe the most suspense. My bet is on Mahershala Ali.

The Oscars are fun an all and we need a little fun right now. Yes, they are highly political and campaigned way too much, but it is nice to see the craft and arts rewarded for outstanding work. We are in uncharted waters and just after week one of this abomination, the hurricane is brewing. Resist with all of your heart and mind against this impish wannabe leader. Filmmakers, painters, musicians, writers and all who strive to be artistic and say something with their art, speak up and speak loudly. It is time to put powerful meaning and passion into all of our work.


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