Film Trailers (Full): NIGHTCRAWLER


We received the teaser, ad-like trailer for Dan Gilroy’s upcoming thriller Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, earlier this week and here is the full trailer and poster. Still contains that eerie, obsessive mood and Gyllenhaal appears to be creepy and driven as a freelance crime reporter wandering the streets of L.A. The film will be playing at the upcoming Toronto Film Festival and hopefully we will get to see it soon. Enjoy!!!

Photo credit by IMDB and trailer by YouTube.



Now, this looks very interesting and intense. In Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a freelance crime journalist in Los Angeles and appears to have much more going on with himself in this crime thriller. Is he driven, mentally unstable or a little of both? I do not know, but this is going to be good. Gyllenhaal has been on role with great turns in End of WatchPrisoners and Enemy, playing dark, intense characters and really showing how great of an actor he is. I cannot wait to see him hopefully work with the Coens or one of the Anderson directors in the future. He is looking very gaunt and professionally addicted to his work and future. Directed and written by first time director Dan Gilroy, brother of Tony, and co-stars Bill Paxton and Rene Russo. No release date yet, but I am sure this will play one of the upcoming film festivals, most likely Toronto. Enjoy!!! Great ad-trailer from Open Road Films.

Photo credit by and trailer by YouTube.